Brand Ambassador

Job Description: Brand Ambassador


Onda Origins is a Seattle-based coffee roasting and sourcing company that's building a new way of doing business: connecting coffee growers and drinkers so together we can make coffee more sustainable. We share revenue from every purchase directly with the grower, so every cup supports higher wages, better coffee, and a healthier planet. 

Onda has been featured by global outlets like Reuters for pioneering the use of blockchain to create unprecedented transparency for customers and maximize revenue for growers. Visit Onda Origins’ new flagship cafe & roastery in the South Seattle neighborhood of Hillman City to learn more.


Job Overview

We’re seeking a Brand Ambassador in our Seattle office to educate customers on our brand and products at grocery stores, markets, and other events. This role is a public ­facing job, so a strong willingness and enthusiasm for customer service and a knack for engaging customers with a friendly and pleasant demeanor while sharing the message of the Onda Origins brand and values is a must. The Brand Ambassador will play a critical role in helping an early stage start-up build our brand awareness for a more successful retail presence. Other perks include damn good office coffee. 

This position is part-time (15-25 hr per week). There will be travel within regions and compensation for mileage. Training will be provided on retail demos as per Onda Origins demo standards. 


Job Duties

  • Brew coffee into airpots, either in advance at the cafe or on site via pour-over. 
  • Pack and transport demo supplies between roastery and grocery stores. 
  • Set-up and take-down demo stand at store, coordinating with the store staff and respectfully abiding by store guidelines.
  • Sample coffee and share our brands story with customers for 3 ­to 4 hour demo time slot, per Onda Origins demo standards 
  • Share passion for Onda Origins coffee to retail customers and grocery staff
  • Staffing our pop-ups or events as needed, including making coffee, collecting payment, and share our brand’s story with customers
  • Support miscellaneous operational needs, including stamping boxes and cups, stickering bags, packing coffee, and shipping online orders


  • Ability to work part time hours with flexible scheduling and little supervision (minimum of 4 demos completed per month, primarily on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Approachable, excited and contagious personality for sharing complex ideas in an easy to digest manor 
  • Reliable, accountable, and professional demeanor, with strong interest in customer service 
  • Completion of demo training, orientation, and shadowing in the field  
  • Ability to stand and perform demos for 3 to 4 hour shifts; some light lifting (40 lbs) of demo kits required 
  • Access to reliable transportation (If using personal vehicle, must have unexpired driver’s license and vehicle insurance).



$15 per hour. We reimburse for mileage at the federal rate.This position is part-time and not eligible for benefits.


How to Apply

Email resume & cover letter to