Cafe Assistant Manager

The Cafe Assistant Manager works closely with the Cafe Manager to help ensure quality training and customer service. The Cafe Assistant Manager is supervised by the Cafe Manager who works closely with the Area Retail Supervisor. 


General​ ​Responsibilities

  • Lead by example through quality customer service and excellent work-flow.
  • Update Cafe Manager on staff needs/morale.
  • Trains new team members using Onda Origins training protocols
  • Works with Cafe Manager to fill in cafe shifts when needed.
  • Works 3-5 cafe shifts per week.
  • Assist Cafe Manager in recording inventory amounts. 
  • Assist Cafe Manager in organizing team meetings. 


  • Implement and follow training protocols with all new staff based on level of hire and previous training and submit required documentation. Work alongside the Cafe Manager to ensure all trainers on your staff are up to date and following protocols and submitting documentation to satisfaction.
  • Work alongside the Cafe Manager to keep all written documentation and protocols up to date as things change, and provide these changes to the staff for implementation and ensure understanding.
  • Facilitate communication between the cafe team and work any issues towards resolution.
  • Promote positive staff morale and relationships with staff, while maintaining a professional relationship as a leader. 
  • Assist Cafe Manager with preparation of staff reviews. 
  • Demonstrate leadership in coffee preparation, bar management, and hospitality.
  • Maintain safety of the cafe environment and ensure proper handling and storage of food products. Schedule Safety Meeting in coordination with quarterly all cafe staff meetings.
  • Assist Cafe Manager to ensure a clean, attractive, and inviting cafe environment and merchandising.
  • Assists in inventory control and suggests changes as needed when inventory needs ebb and flow
  • Assists in managing financial reporting (profit & loss) and works with Cafe Manager to ensure financial success of the location

Desired​ ​Characteristics

  • Passionate about coffee, great work ethic and desire to be at Onda Origins
  • Positive attitude, clear and frequent communication, and strong leadership skills
  • Strong knowledge, background, and experience in coffee preparation, management and hospitality
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to solve problems and prioritize important tasks
  • Understanding and proper use of the software and communication platforms used among management and leadership at Onda Origins



Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to stand or walk for most of the day
  • Moderate to heavy lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs occasionally
  • Bending, stooping, pushing/reaching above shoulder
  • Ability to work in an environment with a moderate noise level
  • Must taste coffee often to ensure quality standards are met. Sight, smell, and taste must all be used to quality check the product throughout a shift


  • Pay while working on bar as a barista is $16.00/hr plus tips
  • Administrative hourly rate is $18.00 
  • Combined Paid Time Off/Paid Sick and Safe Time policy (PTO/PSST), which accrues 1 hour per 20 hours worked, with 16hrs front-loaded upon hiring.
  • 3 hours of paid volunteer time of your choice (outside of your shifts) per quarter
  • Eligibility for 401k retirement savings plan after 12 months of employment with Onda Origins
  • 8oz roasted coffee of your choice per week and the employee discounts at our retail locations

We are committed to fostering a workplace that reflects our company values, those of our employees, and those of the communities we serve.  All humans are encouraged to apply.


To apply, please send a letter of interest in the body of an email, and a professional resume or CV as an attachment to