Looking back at our journey


In 2016, we created Onda Origins to disrupt two unsettling trends in the global market: (1) grower earnings are not proportional to the value they add at the ground level, and (2) knowing the real impact of your purchase is hard.

Our solution was to bring together growers and drinkers of world class coffee to create positive change. Nearly two years have passed since Onda Origins was born, and we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on some of the things we are most proud of.



Connecting with our growers

In the very early days of Onda, Costa Rican grower Enrique Navarro lived with us in Seattle and learned English by taking UW Business courses over the summer. He met with end buyers of his coffee and shared the level of attention to detail that yields Cup of Excellence coffees year after year. Since then, Onda has expanded to four origins and continues to bring coffee growers and drinkers together in new ways.

“Onda is the first partner I’ve had with this level of authenticity in their vision for connecting producers and consumers.” - Enrique Navarro, Costa Rican grower

 Served in cafes & restaurants

We have been honored to have be featured in cafes like Mr. West and Urban Coffee House. And we’re proud of partnering with iconic Seattle restaurant Canlis to develop a custom profile for an after-dinner pour over. Restaurant owner Mark Canlis felt that "working with Finca Monte Copey in Costa Rica and having the opportunity to meet the farmer, Enrique Navarro, was a real treat."

“We love Onda and it’s been a pleasure working with them. The transparency and sustainability they practice is as good as it gets, and the coffees are beautiful.” - Mark Canlis, Owner

 Growing our team

We proudly welcomed our first full-time employee to join the founding team: Shannon Keith, Director of Impact and Engagement. She holds the company accountable to its mission of bringing coffee drinkers and growers together to create positive change. Shannon brings expertise helping companies like Gatorade, lululemon, and Glamour Magazine leverage their unique assets in support of their values - including through partnerships and engagement of their communities in support of social good.


Some things coming up in 2018:

Corporate Cafe

This year, Onda Origins coffee is being sold in a cafe on a major tech company campus. They are experimenting with radical sustainability -- from serving coffees that protect the environment to eliminating all waste in the cafe itself. Onda is thrilled to be part of this effort for change, and provide great coffee while we are at it.

Girls' Education

In Laos, 2 out of every 5 girls are not enrolled in secondary school. We're helping our Laotion grower Mr. Ki send his daughter to university through our revenue share. She will be the first girl to do so in her entire village.

Get yourself this rare single origin and part of your payment will go towards her tuition.