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How Washed and Natural Processes Change Coffee Flavor

We love artfully roasting & brewing coffees to bring out the best flavor profiles from our farmers’ beans. But before it ever gets to us, the way that coffee is processed at origin can dramatically change the way that it tastes. Understanding the differences between two popular methods —“washed” and “natural” process — can help you discover more coffees that you love.

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Costa Rican Coffee Farmer, Enrique Navarro, Improves Conditions for Farm Workers

Like many other Costa Rican coffee farms, Enrique’s farm relies on seasonal migrant workers from Panama—often the indigenous Ngäbe-Buglé people who make a demanding journey that leaves the population in a state of mixed documentation, limited resources, and host to human rights abuses. Migrant farm workers can stay in warehouse-type buildings—40-60 people to each structure—with usually no sanitation, plumbing, mattresses, or privacy.

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