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How Washed and Natural Processes Change Coffee Flavor

We love artfully roasting & brewing coffees to bring out the best flavor profiles from our farmers’ beans. But before it ever gets to us, the way that coffee is processed at origin can dramatically change the way that it tastes. Understanding the differences between two popular methods —“washed” and “natural” process — can help you discover more coffees that you love.

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Increased Wages and Healthy Practices Inside a Lao Coffee Farm Community

You can modify it how you roast it. But for me, it's the sweetness and for Setapoung in Laos it's the cleanliness. It's the cleanest cup every year. They pick the best, they dry the best. They put more attention into their coffee than any of the other villages. I commonly say their coffees are as sweet as their community, because they are the sweetest people.

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Coffee That's Better Than Fair Trade

Your purchase of any Onda coffee provides farmers like Ivonne with a bonus that’s 12 times more than Fair Trade. This allows them to support their communities and their values—be it environmental conservation, worker’s rights, or organic and zero waste practices. 

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