Setapoung Families / Laos
Setapoung Families / Laos
Setapoung Families / Laos

Setapoung Families / Laos

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farmer Four Families of Setapoung

origin Jhai Coffee Farmers Cooperative, Laos, 1200m

variety Typica


tasting notes Rock Candy, Tropical Fruits, Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Custard

about The implementation of chain-of-custody and quality measures have increased farmers' wages 270%

powering Self-sustained organic fertilizer through composting prevents acidification of soils and rivers

''As long as we have food in our belly, sun at our backs, we'll make the best coffee!'' - Mr. Ki 

The four families of Setapoung we source from are part of the Laos Jhai Coffee Farmers Cooperative, which is made up of 298 Lao families, from 18 villages, speaking 4 different ethnic languages.

This Setapoung village is one of the most inclusive in the plateau. Regardless of social or economic hierarchy, all families work side-by-side in a truly open-source push to improve their community.

Mr. Ki is the main group leader of Setapoung village. From the beginning, he has always placed his fellow community above his own interests. Some years, when production is lean, he sacrifices his own market access so that other families can have a chance to share in the dramatic increase in value from producing specialty coffee.

Mr Ki, Mr. Chit, and Mr. Lit are three main farmers who work in partnership with fi-lan’thro-pe to explore high-quality, specialty coffee production and put in place the sustainable practices. All waste from the co-op’s coffee production is converted into compost or animal feed, which generates a regular stream of income for growers. 

By building in measures for traceability and quality, growers' wages have increased by 270 percent. 

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