Coffee World Tour Gift Set
Coffee World Tour Gift Set

Coffee World Tour Gift Set

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$76+ value | Perfect gift for the adventurous soul. Travel on this coffee journey across three continents, with single origin coffees from Congo, Indonesia and Costa Rica. And while you're on the go, your coffee can come with you in our favorite travel tumbler.

Umoja / Congo / 12 oz coffee beans

This unique single-origin coffee, grown by smallholder farmers in South Kivu, Congo is absolutely delicious. It has tasting notes of kumquat, white pepper and cantaloupe. But what's most amazing about it is how it powers post-conflict peace through trauma-based counseling and training for farmers, so they can have a sustainable livelihood.

Burni Telong / Indonesia / 12 oz coffee beans

Grown by smallholder farmers at 1300-1500m in Aceh, Indonesia, this single-origin coffee has tasting notes of bergamont, marionberry and butter pecan cookie. This partnership powers transparency and better pay for farmers, thanks to revenue shared from your purchase.

Enrique Navarro / Costa Rica / 12 oz coffee beans

Enrique grows his coffee with such care that he has won Cup of Excellence (like a gold metal for coffee). Enjoy outstanding notes of mariposa plum and chocolate. He has used money from your purchase to build housing, water purification and gardens for his seasonal farm workers.

MiiR Insulated Travel Tumbler / 12 oz

Simply our favorite drinkware for coffee on the go, made by Seattle-based MiiR. Keeps our brew warm for ages, doesn't spill, and looks so so pretty.