Enrique Navarro / Reserva Especial
Enrique Navarro / Reserva Especial

Enrique Navarro / Reserva Especial

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reserva especial

This coffee was special from the very beginning. It was grown on the first piece of land that Enrique’s father gave to him, with seeds passed from father to son as well.

Building on his passion and dedication to excellence, Enrique focused his energy on an experimental creative processing method to make this coffee a true stand-out. He rested this special lot in cherry to allow natural fermentation to occur before beginning the depulping process sans water. This allows the coffee’s natural sugars from the fruit’s flesh to remain intact on the seed while drying on raised beds, imparting clean and complex flavors and an overall subtly sweet cup.

It is our pleasure to bring you one of Enrique’s most carefully
processed and unique lots - we hope you enjoy.

farmer: Enrique Navarro

origin: Monte Copey, Dota Tarrazú, Costa Rica, 1850 m

about: Cup of Excellence Champion, World Barista Champion Coffee

variety: Bourbon

process: Yellow Honey

tasting notes: Lemon drop, shortbread cookie, burnt sugar, sticky rice cake

Generational sustainability in coffee & a 50% wage premium for pickers

''Coffee: my family's legacy, my life's work, the future of our generation.''

 - Enrique Navarro


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