Frequently Asked Questions

Website & Shipping Questions

There's a problem with my order. What do I do?

Oh no! Email us at and let us know what's up so we can make it right! We'll get back to ya within 24 hours, or by Monday if it's a weekend.

Can I use an online gift card in your shops, or a physical gift card online?

Because we use different systems in our physical shops and online, we have different gift cards for each. (Online gift cards are here, and in-store gift cards are here.) Unfortunately there's no way to apply the same gift card. If you ended up with the wrong kind of gift card or are having an issue, email us at and we'll help you out!

When can I expect my order?

We ship within 24 hours of receiving your order (or Monday morning if you order over the weekend), and it really depends on USPS from there, but 4-5 days is usually a safe bet.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet! But if you live outside the US and want our coffee, write us at to let us know. There may be something we can work out. And either way, it helps to hear that there's interest.

Who's behind the scenes?

Believe it or not, we're a tiny, two-person production team roasting 10 lbs of coffee at a time on a single machine. We manage all fulfillment and customer service, supply coffee to all Fresh Flours cafe locations and our flagship cafe in Hillman City, Seattle, and we do our humble best to attend to all things quality along the way. We're really proud of what we do, and would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or just want to say hey! You can always email us at

General Coffee Questions

When do you roast and ship your coffee?

We roast in small, 10 lb. batches as needed -- in other words, we're constantly roasting and our beans are very fresh. We ship orders mid-morning Monday through Friday, so if you order before noon, it's likely your coffee will be sent out same-day.

Are your coffees light or dark roast?

All our coffees are unique and deserve special treatment, so we tend to focus on roasting for peak flavor profile rather than sticking to a one-size-fits-all light to dark roast spectrum. That tends to land our beans somewhere in the light to medium range, with our Tusitala blend at the most steadily "medium." That said, we've also got a blend for the dark roast lovers among us -- if that's you, grab a bag of Neo Noir here.

You can also learn more about the unique flavor profiles of each of our coffees on our product pages, and if you aren't sure which coffee's for you, try our quiz (coming soon)! And as always, email us at any time (or stop by the shop) and we'll help you pick the perfect beans.

Are you Fair Trade? How 'bout organic?

We decided early on not to seek these specific certifications, and instead to build our own model of prioritizing sustainability and shifting access and ownership in specialty coffee. Instead of adhering to guidelines that can honestly feel pretty out of touch with those goals, we not only pay up to 5x Fair Trade rates, we also make a second payment of $1/lb. once the coffee sells. That means thousands of dollars of additional income for the grower, at intervals that create income streams beyond the usual influx at harvest.

On top of all that, our close relationships with growers (some that go way back, before Onda was a thing) mean we know firsthand that our coffees are produced to environmental standards well beyond what an "organic" certification would require.

How should I store my coffee, and how long is it good for?

Our bags have a built-in valve for the off-gassing that happens naturally with coffee, so as long as it's not too hot or too cold in your kitchen, you can just store it on a dry surface in the sealed bag it comes in. (We don't recommend keeping them in the fridge or freezer because condensation can cause problems and ice in a grinder is no good.)

Where can I learn more about the farmers?

So glad you asked! Check out our "Behind the Sticker" page for profiles on all the growers and collectives we work with. And follow us on instagram, where we often share about and team up with our farming partners.

The Cafe

Where are you located, and what are your hours?

Our cafe and roastery are in Seattle's Hillman City neighborhood, just south of Columbia City. Find our address, a lil map, and our updated hours here!

How are you connected to Fresh Flours Bakery?

We're sister companies! That means we're different but important parts of the same family operation. Our staff is connected (you may see some baristas at Fresh Flours one day and Onda the next), and our coffee and pastries are staples at all our shops. After roasting, Onda coffee is delivered day-of to each Fresh Flours cafe. Likewise, Fresh Flours pastries are baked daily in White Center then delivered to all the shops (Onda included) first thing every single morning.

Are you closed on federal holidays?

Sometimes. The best way to keep up with our hours is via our instagram (@ondaorigins). We also always post changes to our hours on our cafe doors. And you can always shoot us an email at if you're not sure.

Are pets allowed in the cafe?

Unfortunately, not anymore. We love pups and pets of all kinds, but the health department isn't having it. In order to keep our shops open, we've had to shift our policies and are no longer able to have pets hang out inside.

Do you serve food?

We've got a few bites on offer, including Fresh Flours pastries (some sweet, some savory), Okazu Pan stuffed breads, Sunrise Tacos, and single-serve greek yogurt. We do prioritize quality coffee and Fresh Flours pastries in our lil shop, though, so you won't find full meals on our menu. But Hillman City has so much delicious food to offer -- there's no shortage of full-meal options around!

I don't drink coffee. Do you have other options?

Oh yes. Our matcha lattes (made from scratch, sweetened to order) and chai lattes are our top recs, but we've also got an assortment of black, herbal, and green teas, plus some bottled bevis in our help-yourself fridge. And if it's caffeine you're avoiding, our decaf is legitimately really good. We can make you any coffee drink with decaf espresso.

Onda Coffee Club Questions

What’s the Coffee Club, anyway?

It's a coffee subscription, sure, but it's more like... a big beautiful community of coffee lovers, with regular fresh-roasted specialty coffee deliveries at its center. Members get all kinds of perks, but some big ones are:

- Members-only diner mug *on us* with your first order <3

- Free Shipping (which is up to a $15 discount depending on where you live)

- Monthly gifts and goodies, like Club merch and mini bags of custom coffee blends
- The knowledge that you're contributing in a real way to shifting grower access to revenue (more here) and changing the specialty coffee industry one bag at a time.

I signed up! So...when will I get my coffee?

Hooray! Happy to have you. We process orders Monday thru Friday between 10a and noon PST, so that should help you gauge when we'll get your first order in the mail. The closer to Seattle you live, the sooner you'll see it, but you can pretty much count on your coffee arriving within 5 business days of your order. And honestly, that's great -- since we're shipping the same day we roast, this gives your beans the perfect amount of rest time. Email us at if you have any specific questions.

How fresh is this coffee, really?

Preeeetty much couldn't be fresher. We roast and ship same-day, so it's literally hot off the machine. The few days it takes USPS to get you your beans is the perfect amount of time for the coffee to rest.

Can I change my coffee choice?

Absolutely. You're welcome to change up your coffee choice any time, and even your bag quantity. Just request a login link here. (And check out this walk-through video if you're not sure how to make changes.)

Can I cancel, pause, or skip a delivery on my membership?

Yes! We use a streamlined, user friendly membership portal that lets you change things up at any time, so go for it. You can request a unique, private login link here. And if you need help making changes, check out this walk-through video we made you.

Something’s gone awry - what do I do?!
We're here for you Monday thru Friday! Just email us at and let us know what's up. We'll get back to you speedily.

If you need any additional help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here for you.