How We're Different

We're a coffee roasting and sourcing company that's building a new way of doing business: connecting coffee growers and drinkers so together we can make coffee more sustainable.

We believe growers are the ones responsible for the quality and sustainability of the coffee, but the price they are paid for it is unsustainable. So we created a new model:

1. Artfully roast each coffee to bring out the best from the farmers who grew it.

2. Share money from your purchase with the grower so they earn up to twice as much income.

3. Give real transparency into grower earnings and impact.

Why We Exist

We didn’t set out to build a coffee company. When we created Onda Origins, we wanted to build a new way of doing business: one that brings value to the people who had been denied it.

Revenue Share with Farmer

Costa Rican coffee farmer Enrique Navarro built housing and a water purification system for his seasonal coffee pickers, thanks to money shared from your purchases of his coffee.