About Us

Onda Origins is a Seattle-based coffee company creating a new way of doing business. We connect growers and drinkers of world class coffee to create positive change. We enable you to partner directly with a grower by providing traceability to origin, revenue-sharing with growers, and experiential storytelling on the positive social and environmental impact of our growers’ coffee.

Our mission

To directly connect producers and consumers over shared visions of a better world: an exchange of products, causes, and values.

We believe that to change the world, you must start in your own backyard. We see Seattle - with its rich coffee culture - as the perfect conduit to encourage people to make a difference in their daily lives.

How it works 

Coffee from the farmer who grew it

Our innovative approach to traceability allows us to create a transparent, true record of sourcing, so you know exactly what you are getting and the grower or co-op it came from. Our growers take pride in their high-quality beans, and this care is extended throughout the rest of our value chain. The result is world class beans, artisanally roasted in Seattle, WA.

Pay growers a second time

When you buy a grower's roasted product, they receive a dollar-per-pound bonus on top of the premium price paid for their green coffee. That means more dollars to pay for their family's health, their kids' education, and their land's sustainability -- which makes better tasting coffee.

See the impact

Partnering with our growers means hearing from them about how their harvest is going, how they are offsetting CO2 emissions through preserving forests, or how they are sharing sustainable practices with other farmers so they can earn more. Meet growers in person, follow them on social media, or take a trip to origin using virtual reality.