Handmade Eco-Tote

Handmade Eco-Tote

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Help us keep plastic out of landfills.

Our Onda-exclusive AeroPress Carrying Totes are custom designed and handmade from in-house recycled plastic by our team member Taylor.

  • Green coffee arrives at our roastery in heavy duty, hermetically sealed plastic bags that would otherwise be destined for the trash
  • Taylor irons layers of this plastic together to create a fused waterproof, flexible “fabric”.
  • Taylor cuts out the pouch pattern, sews the parts together, adds the finishing touches, turns that puppy inside out, and voila!
Colors and exact sizes vary and will be chosen for you at random. Every single one fits both AeroPress sizes, all accompanying tools and filters, and even a small ziplock of your fave ground coffee.
*approximately 9.5in long, 7.5in tall*