Onda Origins named best small batch roaster by Eater

We are so grateful to be named among the top 10 best small batch roasters in Seattle by Eater.

"This five-year-old South Seattle company has a small roaster and cafe tucked away in Hillman City, and it aims to create more equity for farmers," writes Mark Van Streefkerk and Gabe Guarente of Eater. "The coffee also happens to be stellar, available in bags or as single-serve offerings, and [Scott] Tupper’s team is on hand to advise on home brewing methods."

They recommend trying two of our long-time favorite single origin coffee beans: "There’s a nice nutty finish to the Guatemalan roast made by farmer Ivonne Herrera, and Enrique Navarro’s Costa Rican coffee won a Cup of Excellence award, one of the highest honors in the specialty world."

The farmers who grow the coffee that our customers enjoy are the heart of our business. We roast their coffees to highlight the best attributes within each harvest, but most of the flavor is set by the time that it leaves origin, which is why we credit the farmers for the coffee's quality. 

Big thanks to Eater for choosing us as one of the best Seattle coffee roasters, and recognizing the importance of farmer equity within the coffee value chain.