Ivonne Herrera / Guatemala
Ivonne Herrera / Guatemala

Ivonne Herrera / Guatemala

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The world's first coffee to be fully traced back to the farmer who grew it on a blockchain ledger.


farmer: Ivonne Herrera

origin: Las Paràsitas, Santa Elena Barillas, Guatemala, 1500m

variety: Catuai / Sarchimore / Caturra


tasting notes: red apple, almond brittle, and ginger snap

about: Ivonne is a single mother who manages her own coffee farm

powering: The world's first blockchain-traced coffee maximizes revenue for Ivonne, making her farm profitable for the first time in several years.

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Geekwire | April 2018

While the world’s biggest coffee company, Starbucks, is eyeing blockchain, Onda Origins is already deep into it as a way to create a verifiable bean to cup experience for customers. Onda uses blockchain to create transparency for customers, who can see exactly where their coffee comes from, and for growers to get maximum revenue out of every bean they produce.


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