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Ana Nelly Luna
origin El Carmen, Huila, Colombia (map below)
process washed
varieties caturra & variedad colombia
roast level light/medium

powering A producer-driven grassroots movement empowering producers to increase soil health, reduce costs and stop dependence on chemicals.


about Ana Nelly Luna

Ana Nelly has been running her 3-hectare (7.5 acre) coffee farm for over 30 years. She and her team grow and process coffee all the way through to its sale as green coffee. She's also a member of Los Guacharos, a collective of local small-scale coffee producers in the region who work together to create organic agriculture infrastructure. They even make their own fertilizers and fungicides, including a custom compost tea (called Super Magro) made up of organic waste, molasses, bone ash, manure, and other ingredients and then fermented with microorganisms from soils. The Super Magro is edible and incredibly effective.

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