Coffee Club Exclusive: Carlos Pola Anaerobic

Carlos Pola
origin Juayúa, Onsonate, El Salvador (map below)
process anaerobic
variety catisic
roast level light/medium

powering Carlos's community -- Carlos organizes a yearly auction to promote specialty coffees from Salvadoran farmers.


about Carlos Pola

Carlos Pola's family has been involved in coffee for five generations. After 20 years in the textile industry, Carlos transitioned to working full time in coffee in 2012 with a goal of increasing the sustainability of specialty coffee production by applying his textile-industry experience in quality control, efficiency, and data management.

He and his family renovated their farms in 2012 to be much more sustainable and cost-effective. They planted inga nitrogen fixation shade trees, propagated mycorrhiza (fungi that exchange nutrients with coffee trees), and reduced or discontinued the use of all chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

In order to reduce water consumption, only honies, naturals, and controlled fermentation coffees are processed. Wet process water is treated with enzymes and bio digesters, then anaerobically fermented to separate sugars, then oxygenated and finally used to feed and propagate mycorrhiza. All coffee is dried in African beds on-site at an altitude of 1200m.

The farm has its own wet/dry processing facilities and lab for experimenting with new processing methods, quality control and educating farm workers. Carlos supports his community by helping farmers and organizing a yearly auction to promote local specialty coffees.

We love having Carlos on our team. Grab a bag today!

Thank you!