Coffee That’s Better than Fair Trade

Coffee farmers’ wages barely cover costs of production in many cases

It can be hard to know the true impact your purchase has on the people who grow your coffee. Farmers are the ones primarily responsible for ensuring the quality and sustainability of our coffee, but the price they are paid is unsustainable. If there is any flux in the global market, let alone a crisis, it can devastate farms, communities and countries. For years, Guatemalan farmer Ivonne Herrera, was losing money because the global market price didn’t even cover her cost of production. That’s why we created a transparent platform that lets us agree on a sustainable price with coffee farmers.

Blockchain technology enables ultimate transparency in our supply chain

Blockchain technology provides a secure way for data to be verified and shared in real time. We created a sister company, Yave, to allow for equal participation of every actor across the supply chain, starting with the farmer. This lets farmers see their products’ end customers and value (enabling fair price negotiation) and lets customers see how much value goes back to the farmer (enabling more informed purchasing). 

With every purchase, our farmers get a bonus that’s 12x more than Fair Trade

Your purchase of any Onda coffee provides farmers like Ivonne with a bonus that’s 12 times more than Fair Trade. This allows them to support their communities and their values—be it environmental conservation, worker’s rights, or organic and zero waste practices.