Single-Serve Coffee

Life is complicated. Your coffee shouldn't be.

Our fully compostable, single-serve bag makes enjoying a better cup of coffee even easier. Just add hot water.
Each bag is pre-packed with freshly ground coffee, and nitro-sealed in an immersion filter so you can leave it in the cup without over-extracting.
Perfect for when you're on the trail, on the go, or just don't want to mess with coffee equipment.
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Good Coffee Made Easy

About the Farmer

farmer: Enrique Navarro
origin: Monte Copey, Dota Tarrazú, Costa Rica, 1900 m
tasting notes: Mariposa Plum, Chocolate
variety: Caturra / Typica
process: Washed


about: Enrique won the Cup of Excellence for having the best coffee in all of Costa Rica.
powering: Generational sustainability in coffee & a 50% higher average wage paid to farm workers.

''Coffee: my family's legacy, my life's work, the future of our generation.''