5 Gift Ideas For Coffee Drinkers Who Care

With every purchase, we share revenue with the farmer who grew it.

Looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers? Here are our recommendations for deliciously good coffee subscriptions, gift sets, single origins and blends that have a positive impact.

1. Shop your values

Choose from the world's best coffees from growers across the globe. Each has a unique story -- whether it's preserving virgin forests for carbon offset or running a volunteer health clinic for the village.

Kiko guards 40 hectares of untouched Mata Atlantica, a critically endangered ecosystem.

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Ivonne is a single mother who manages her own coffee farm.

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Growers get agrobusiness training to improve farm productivity and resiliency.

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Powering Better Pay for Farmers / Burni Telong Community / Indonesia / Single Origin Coffee

We partnered with German government to share traceability and revenue with 15 smallholder coffee farmers in Indonesia

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Enrique improved working conditions for his seasonal pickers by building them new housing, water purification, and a garden for food.

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"Coffee has always helped me in many ways, even when things have been difficult."

- Libere, Coffee Farmer, Burundi

2. Curated Coffee Subscription

Why condense all the giving to one month? Let us send a bag of freshly roasted coffee from a new farmer every month. Plus they will be the first to try our newest coffees before they are released. Best coffee subscription ever.

"We always look forward to opening the mystery subscription box - we love learning about the growers and their process, their communities, and how they are using their increased revenue through the Onda partnership. And of course the coffee is full of flavor - a true treat for the body and the soul!"

— Laura C.

3. Gift Sets

Everything is cuter in a bundle. And we've partnered with some of Seattle's best chocolate and caramel makers to offer coffee pairing sets. You can also grab a tasting flight of our Brazilian coffees, a world tour of coffees from every continent, or our classic holiday gift set, complete with the best coffee tumbler you'll ever use (also made in Seattle!)

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4. Stocking Stuffers

Our fully compostable, single-serve bag makes enjoying a better cup of coffee even easier. Just add hot water.

Each bag is pre-packed with freshly ground coffee, and nitro-sealed in an immersion filter so you can leave it in the cup without over-extracting.

Perfect for the outdoor adventurer, traveler, or busy bee.

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5. Crowd-Pleasing Blends

Unsure on what type of coffee to get? Our Holiday Blend & Tusitala Espresso Blend are our two most popular and they will please any palate. Or get an online gift card so they can pick what they want, and get it freshly roasted when they want it.

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This is that curl-up-by-the-fire-and-watch-falling-snowflakes-through-the-foggy-window coffee. Enjoy tasting notes of orange chiffon cake, dark chocolate ganache and creme brûlée.

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This modern espresso is roasted on the lighter side but maintains approachability, balance, and clarity of flavor. Enjoy tasting notes of cacao nib, cream, and caramelized sugar.


Thank your team and clients for all their hard work with the world's best coffees from growers across the globe.