Kiko’s Coffee
Kiko’s Coffee
Kiko’s Coffee

Kiko’s Coffee

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12 oz.

farmer: Francisco "Kiko" Ribeiro 

origin: Sitio Palmital, Carmo de Minas, Brazil, 1200 m

about: Ruins from the region's first Portuguese settlement stand between Kiko's coffee and virgin Atlantic Forest

tasting notes: Baking chocolate, praline, shortbread, and cream

powering: Kiko guards 40 hectares of untouched Mata Atlantica, a critically endangered ecosystem


''Big thanks to you for drinking and enjoying my coffee.''


Meet Kiko Ribeiro:

Prazer, meu nome é Kiko. I am proud to be member of the Cocarive Cooperative, a leader in the movement empowering farmers to grow high-quality, sustainably grown, single-origin coffees in Brazil. 

My goal is to provide carbon offset in the southern part of the province of Minas Gerais, pushing back against the wave of tropical deforestation. By producing high-quality microlots, I am able to safe-guard a large forest on my land. 

My vision is to continue to reduce my carbon footprint and I am interested in moving the farm entirely to solar power.


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