Serve Onda

We provide coffee for value-aligned corporations and non-profits. Let's talk!

For Companies

We partner with companies that are committed to corporate social responsibility and good coffee. In addition to delivering craft coffee for your employees, we facilitate employee engagement and report on the social and environmental impact of your purchases. Contact us to learn more about serving Onda Origins coffee at your company and enabling your employees to support the financial resilience of our growers.

For Cafes & Restaurants

We work with cafés and restaurants like Canlis to serve Onda origins coffee. Restaurant owner Mark Canlis said this of our partnership:  “We love Onda and it’s been a pleasure working with them. The transparency and sustainability they practice is as good as it gets, and the coffees are beautiful. Specifically, working with Finca Monte Copey in Costa Rica and having the opportunity to meet the farmer, Enrique Navarro, was a real treat.”  Contact us for free samples and a custom drink menu.

We also take you on farm tours via Virtual Reality!