Coffee World Tour Gift Set
Coffee World Tour Gift Set

Coffee World Tour Gift Set

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The perfect gift for the adventurous soul!

Take a tour of some of the world’s most renowned and unique coffee growing regions, and keep notes along the way. 

This coffee journey kit includes single origin coffees from Colombia, Indonesia, and Costa Rica, plus a custom Onda tasting journal with all the guidance you need to keep track of what you learn.

Ana Nelly Luna / Colombia

Ana Nelly Luna has been running her 3 hectare coffee farm for over 30 years. She’s also part of a producer-driven grassroots movement empowering growers to increase soil health, reduce costs, and stop dependence on chemicals. If you’re a fan of fudge, cherry cordial, and mandarin orange, you’ll love this single-origin specialty grade coffee. 

Burni Telong / Indonesia

Grown by smallholder farmers at 1300-1500m in Aceh, Indonesia, this specialty coffee has tasting notes of bergamont, marionberry and butter pecan cookie. Through revenue share from your purchase, our partnership with this collective supports transparency and better pay for farmers.

Enrique Navarro / Costa Rica

Enrique is one of the best in the industry – as evidenced by his winning Costa Rica’s Cup of Excellence (like a gold metal for coffee), and of course, by the outright deliciousness of his beans. Think mariposa plum and chocolate. Yum, right? He uses money from your purchase to build housing, water purification, and gardens for his seasonal farm workers.

Coffee Tasting Booklet

Unless you’re a big time coffee nerd, you probably don’t remember what you did or didn’t love about that last fancy single-origin you tried. But wouldn’t it be cool to hone your pallet, and have a reference for recalling your faves? Each page of this Onda x 33 Books Co. collab walks you through the specifics of tasting a new coffee. It’s the perfect companion for your coffee journey!