Coffee That's Better Than Fair Trade

In many cases, coffee farmers’ wages barely cover the cost of production.

It can be hard to know the true impact your purchase has on the people who grow your coffee. Farmers are the ones primarily responsible for ensuring the quality and sustainability of our coffee, but the price they are paid is unsustainable. If there is any flux in the global market, let alone a crisis, it can devastate farms, communities and countries. For years, Guatemalan farmer Ivonne Herrera was losing money because the global market price didn’t even cover her cost of production. Enter Onda’s revenue share model.

Every purchase contributes to a second grower payout.

For every pound of coffee we roast, we pay our growers an additional dollar. (That’s on top of the higher than Fair Trade initial purchase price.) This means more income, plus cash flow throughout the year instead of only during harvest. 

So when you buy any Onda coffee, you’re helping farmers like Ivonne support their communities and their values—be it environmental conservation, worker’s rights, or organic and zero waste practices.