Behind the Sticker:

Meet the farmers who grew your coffee.

Ivonne's the fierce single mom behind our only Guatemalan single-origin coffee. We've been working with her since Onda's early days (over 5 years!) and have seen her make some amazing growth happen in her business.

We work with a collective of farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo called Umoja, via the Congolese-American run importing group Mighty Peace Coffee.

Enrique was the first grower we ever worked with, and he's played a huge part in the founding of Onda. He is also one of the best coffee producers we know -- and we're not just saying that.

Colombia / Ana Nelly

Ana Nelly Luna is new to Onda -- her coffee is now on the shelves at our Hillman City location, and will be available online soon. Stay tuned for more about Ana Nelly!

At Onda, our mission is to possitively impact a troubled industry by centering real relationships with farmers and shifting access to sustainable income. Learn more about the how and why behind our coffee sourcing.