Enrique Navarro / Costa Rica / Reserve
Enrique Navarro / Costa Rica / Reserve

Enrique Navarro / Costa Rica / Reserve

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Enrique took extra care with this coffee, resting the cherry in tanks for 24 hours before depulping to 'yellow honey' (a very light honey process). The coffee was then slowly dried in the sun for about 22 days. The result is exceptional floral notes with peach and white grape!

origin Monte Copey, TarrazĂș, Costa Rica, 2000 m

variety Yellow Bourbon

process Yellow Honey Reposado

tasting notes peach, white grape, floral

roast level light

about Cup of Excellence Champion, World Barista Champion Coffee

powering Generational sustainability in coffee & a 50% wage premium for pickers


''Coffee: my family's legacy, my life's work, the future of our generation.''


meet enrique navarro Hola, I am Enrique Navarro. My family won the Cup of Excellence in Costa Rica in 2014, and Hidenori Izaki used it to win the World Barista Championship that same year. I thought then that we had reached the highest point in coffee for a producer, but soon I realized I wanted something more: to know who drinks our coffee. I spent the summer of 2016 in Seattle with the Onda team, taking Business English at UW and perfecting seeing my own coffee all the way through the craft process. Back on my farm, I’m partnering with a local university to develop a coffee lab dedicated to innovating a bright future for Costa Rica’s next generation in coffee.

Check out Enrique's full interview here.

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